Tim McDonough

Tim McDonough

Guess what guys?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

What an opportunity for those of us who are married, or are in a committed relationship, to show the one we love, just how much we love them.

By now, I hope all you guys out there have already purchased that box of German chocolates; a dozen long-stemmed, red roses; or something nice from the jewelry store for the one who makes your heart melt.

If you haven’t, good luck!

All the stores are going to be packed today, because like you, most other men waited until the day before Valentine’s Day to buy something for their significant other.

Maybe you’re a procrastinator, and like to do your shopping at the last minute.

Maybe you lost track of time and didn’t realize Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re still not sure what to get the love of your life for the most romantic day of the year.

Well men, have no fear, you are in luck!

I’m about to take the guess work out of the equation for you and let you know what you should, and especially should not, get the one you love for Valentine’s Day (so, I may have used my work Google machine, aka my computer, to find out what to get, and what not to get).

Do get: Microwavable slippers.

Filled with natural grain and dried French lavender, these slippers hold heat for 15 to 20 minutes after they’re microwaved, while giving off a subtle whiff of aromatherapy — the perfect way for your significant other to wind down after a long day.

Do not get: A vacuum cleaner.

No one wants to think their significant other only sees her as his personal cook and cleaner. A vacuum cleaner will say, “Hey babe … Happy Valentine’s Day! Can you tidy up the living room?”

Do get: A weighted blanket.

Whether she has trouble sleeping, or just really enjoys wrapping herself in a throw, a weighted blanket is the way to go. It just might give her the deepest, best sleep of her life.

Do not get: Kitchen knives.

Even though your wife may have asked for new kitchen cutlery, Valentine’s Day is not the day to give her that gift! If you do, be prepared to run for your life.

Do get: An essential oil diffuser.

A great alternative to candles, an essential oil diffuser is silent, fills a room with the scent of your choice, and can help bring calm to any hectic day.

Do not get: A gym membership.

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, kills the mood of the most romantic day of the year like the gift of a gym membership. Essentially what you’re saying is: “I love you, but you need to work on yourself.” Might as well give her nothing if you think this is a good gift.

Do get: The game, “Date Night Bucket List” (from uncommongoods.com).

According to the website: “Reinvigorate your date nights with this game that is chock full of inspo (inspiration). Sample ideas include grabbing blankets for a night of stargazing outside, or attending a lecture at a local museum. Once you’ve completed one of the suggestions, write the date on the back of the stick and keep it as a memento.”

Do not get: A gift card.

Your significant other is looking for something that’s meaningful, thoughtful and shows you put some work into getting her something special for Valentine’s Day. All a gift card says is, “I know you like this place, and this was one of the easiest, and laziest ways, to show you how much I care.”

With the clock ticking and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there is always the tried-and-true like I mentioned earlier ... candy, flowers and jewelry.

But guys, don’t you think it would be nice to actually be thoughtful for once?

After all, I’m guessing she’s worth it.

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