A former Crescent-News staffer recently posted on her Facebook feed a list of things she wanted to be when she grew up — at different stages in her life.

In elementary school, Melissa wanted to be a nurse or Cinderella “whichever worked best for the day.” In middle school, she wanted to be a teacher, and by the time high school rolled around, she wanted to be a “police officer/correctional officer/save the children living in the inner cities.” But college approached and she went on to study journalism — a noble profession, but no one expects to get rich doing so.

She now has her own business doing freelance writing. Despite that, she still wants to work in a flower shop.

That got me wondering as well. I vaguely remember when I was in grade school wanting to work at the zoo in the monkey house. Who wouldn’t want to — baby monkeys are so darn cute.

My other option was to marry either Bobby Sherman or Davy Jones. (Yes, I’m that old.)

But when college approached, I decided upon social work — also a noble profession that doesn’t pay much. With degree in hand, I went in search of a job in the field. But as a 22-year-old (who didn’t look any older than 16), I had little success.

So back to college I went, this time around exiting the hallowed halls with a teaching license in hand. Despite teaching the county gifted program for one year, I preferred the stability of being a grade-school teacher, with one classroom during the school year, not jumping from school to school every day.

So while I waited for that opportunity to come my way, I returned to The Crescent-News as a photographer, which eventually morphed into a writing position, along with numerous other responsibilities. A couple decades or so later, I’m still here.

Not sure what avenue best suits your interests? I was curious myself so I went to and took a career quiz. If you’re interested as well, after signing in, you will be directed to answer a couple dozen seemingly random questions about preferences.

The results are calculated in seconds to offer you numerous potential job possibilities that suit one’s strengths and interests. My past and present careers were among that lengthy list of options, including: writer/journalist, photographer, teacher and antique dealer (being a picker at heart). Other options on the list which I’m confident would not be a match for me included trial lawyer, minister and chiropractor. No one would want to see the results of those options in my life, I’m pretty sure.

CNBC/SurveyMonkey polled 8,664 professionals nationwide in March and learned that 85 percent of those workers were either “somewhat or extremely satisfied” with their jobs. In addition, 27 percent of workers surveyed say they were not well paid, and 30 percent have seriously considered quitting their job in the last three months. recently reported the top 10 best industries for job satisfaction. These included: tax consulting/auditing, human resources, consulting, information technology, research and development, arts and entertainment, internet/media, purchasing, market research and primary/secondary education.

Despite the various jobs I have worked since I entered the job market at age 15, I now have easily concluded what I want to be when I grow up — a full-time retired lottery winner, a part-time picker and married to Bobby Sherman (circa 1970s version).

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