Thomas E. Keller Trucking, affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, is among fewer than 10% of all SmartWay carriers operating fleets that meet efficiency standards to make the High Performer list.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognizes those SmartWay transport partners that produce more efficient and sustainable solutions throughout supply chain transportation. Those on the High Performer list receive special attention for achieving significant shipping and freight efficiencies among the thousands of companies that partner with the EPA through SmartWay.

“We are very focused on putting the most fuel-efficient equipment on the road as possible,” states Keller Trucking President, Jonathan Wolfrum. “This is a combination of utilizing proven technology along with continuing to invest in new equipment on a consistent basis. We also believe in coaching our drivers to perform at the highest level possible when it comes to fuel economy and incent them for high performance in this area. These things provide an advantage to our company, our drivers, and the customers we are serving.”

High Performers for carbon consume less fuel for every mile traveled, and for every ton of freight moved. Each trip made moves heavier loads and more efficiently packed trailers, while consuming thousands of gallons of fuel less than other carriers.

SmartWay partners annually submit air quality and performance data to EPA, which then aggregates and divides the data into ranked performance ranges. Those who make the list fall within the top-ranked performance range. Thomas E. Keller Trucking also made the list in 2017-19.

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