HICKSVILLE — The Wholesale House Inc. (TWH) in Hicksville recently closed the books on a record setting 2020 and issued its annual profit share payout to the staff this month.

This marks the fifth consecutive year of distributing a percentage of its net profit to employees.

Owners Steve and Mary Height stated “First of all, we are grateful for a staff that persevered through a very difficult year. We had made changes in key management positions a few years ago and, despite an arduous 2020, TWH has continued to the next level with record setting years. We are proud to be able to share our success with our dedicated team members who work tirelessly to make TWH a leader in the industry.”

President Mark Yoder stated, “This past year presented many unique challenges and our crew stepped up in a big way. We are thrilled to be able to reward that tremendous effort. We are grateful for our loyal team members, who along with our business partners, have pushed us to a record year.”

The profit sharing program was established in 2016 by the Heights and in five years has distributed more than $5.7 million to TWH employees.

“An exciting component has been added this year. In addition to the very large cash payouts, TWH is making considerable contributions to all employees’ 401K accounts,” stated VP/CFO Bob Weatherhead. “This benefit combination rewards the team members right now, as well as with their future financial needs.”

The Wholesale House is a distributor of 12-Volt electronics and consumer products headquartered in Hicksville, with a distribution warehouse in Jacksonville, Fla.

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