TWH Tempe location

The Tempe, Ariz., distribution warehouse for The Wholesale House opened for business on Nov. 1.

The Wholesale House, with locations in Ohio and Florida, is excited to announce that it is opening a new distribution warehouse in Tempe, Ariz. The new facility started operations Nov. 1. Similar to the Jacksonville, Fla., location in the southeast, the Tempe warehouse will serve as a gateway to expand the company’s business to serve the western region of the US.

As a distribution point, the Arizona facility will be administratively supported by the Ohio headquarters and will be initially staffed with both Ohio and local employees.

This expansion has been in motion since 2019, but the timing to move forward hadn’t been quite right until this year. Along with that timing, The Wholesale House has received tremendous support from both customers and vendors

Mark Yoder, president of The Wholesale House stated, “We are excited about the move to Arizona and look forward to the opportunity to better serve existing customers while expanding our footprint. We have been very encouraged with the response of our current business partners and we anticipate building even more supply and distribution connections.”

The Wholesale House was founded in 1978 and is a distributor of 12Volt electronics and consumer products. For more information about The Wholesale House, visit, email at or call 800-722-5553.

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