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The end of a life is difficult. Death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events a person will ever endure. That’s why many churches throughout northwest Ohio have partnered with ChurchFunerals Direct to develop a funeral and bereavement ministry designed to help families face this difficult time.

ChurchFunerals Direct is a licensed funeral home that owns and operates the ChurchFunerals Direct Network, which is a network of licensed funeral homes, funeral directors, and churches that provide full-service funerals and cremations in churches for a fraction of the cost. They conduct funerals in churches because a church is a much better place to say goodbye to a loved one.

Even though families normally save thousands of dollars in funeral costs by using ChurchFunerals Direct, the most important point is that they get a much better funeral.


Now, with ChurchFunerals Direct, families never have to step foot in a funeral home. Our funeral directors come to the family home to meet with the family; and then the viewing and funeral service happens at church. With ChurchFunerals Direct, families can deal with the loss of a loved one in the comfort of the two places they most like to be. It is simply a better way of serving grieving families.

Families that do not have a church can use one of the churches in our network right in their own hometown. Most churches have better parking, better seating, better audio/visual systems, and are more spacious than most funeral home buildings. So, from a practical standpoint, having a funeral at a church is better for a grieving family and those in attendance.

A better building and a better funeral, with the pastor in his own pulpit, and the family saving a few thousand dollars. That’s the ChurchFunerals Direct way. ChurchFunerals Direct is simply a better and more cost effective way to do funerals. Your family will get a better funeral and save a lot of money!


Many families meet with ChurchFunerals Direct months and even years before death in order to preplan their funerals and get their questions answered. Having everything planned in advance provides peace of mind for the family and makes the death process less stressful. Funeral preplanning is offered as a free service. In fact, ChurchFunerals Direct believes that preplanning is so important and beneficial that they have developed a special preplanning discount that is given to everyone who meets with them ahead of time and gets everything planned. They have built a local team of funeral preplanning advisors who live and work right here in northwest Ohio.


Funerals that have already been preplanned and even prepaid at another funeral home are easily transferable at the time of death. Families simply call ChurchFunerals Direct and they can duplicate the already existing funeral arrangements, and in almost every case the family receives a substantial refund, normally several thousand dollars or more.

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