A charity registry gives your wedding guests the option to give to your selected charity in lieu of giving you 
a wedding gift.

With more couples opting for minimalist weddings and lifestyles, charity registries are growing in popularity. Furthermore, couples are living together before marriage and getting married later in life. These couples don’t need or want the traditional wedding gifts on most registries, but donating to charity can give them an auspicious beginning and give their guests a great way to honor their love.

Here are some things to consider when looking for charities for your guests to support on your behalf.

Evaluating Charities

The charity evaluation site Charity Navigator said to make sure the charity you are considering is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. You can ask for the organization’s Employer Identification Number and check their site to confirm the status.

Take a look at the charity’s finances. Healthy organizations are financially efficient and sustainable. The organization should also be accountable and transparent. Charities should be an open book, the site says, and follow good governance practices. Other than that, make sure to choose an organization that supports causes that are close to your heart.

Choose a Site

There are several websites that can help you set up a charity registry that’s easy for you to use and for guests to give. allows you to add charity links using a simple browser button. The Good Beginning allows couples to choose organizations and gives them a simple dashboard for identifying, giving and tracking gifts. Blueprint allows guests to give a custom cash gift that you can donate to the charity in your own name.

Getting More Donations

Brides says the average goal for charitable registries is just under $900, but the actual amount is a little less than half of that. One way to boost donations, if your budget allows for it, is to offer to match donations up to a certain amount. That option can also give you a larger tax write-off for the year. Remember, even the smallest donations can make a huge difference at a charitable organization.

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