Members of the Defiance County Genealogical Society at the last meeting included, from left, Rhonda Casler, Joanne Allison, Dianne Kline and Mary Williams,

The Defiance County Genealogical Society met on June 24, when 13 members told of their findings from the earlier challenge to track down information on an elusive ancestor.

Members were challenged to choose an ancestor whose information they were not yet familiar, and then gather as much data about him/her and share it at the June meeting.

One participant discovered how several of his family’s past generations were homesteaders who traveled on Zane’s Trace, a primitive path which eventually became a road used by early Ohio pioneers.

As can happen in genealogy searches, one person was led down the wrong genealogy path as she followed a woman with the same name as her ancestor.

Another ancestor story was shared of three brothers from Michigan, one of whom, named Charly, was badgered by his brothers who said he was not man enough to fight in the Civil War. As soon as Charly turned 18, he enlisted. Unfortunately, after a year’s service, like so many, he died of disease in Huntsville, Ala.

Still another discovered her ancestor was at Valley Forge serving under General Fredrich W. Von Steuben in George Washington’s army in the winter of 1777-78.

One member’s immigrant grandparents’ travel trunk from Germany was returned to the amazed family many years after it had been sold at auction.

Several others shared what they discovered about their family roots.

Instead of their regular meeting place, on July 22 members of DCGS will meet at 7 p.m. at The Tuttle Museum located at 514 W. Third St., in Defiance.

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