M&M Brunner


Addison Brunner and Tanya Forren were married Sept. 8, 1979, at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Defiance. They are the parents of Suzanna Campbell (Ryan Mack) and Nathaniel Brunner (Jason Burns). Devoted grandparents of Addison and Blaze Campbell.

Their union has been an intriguing adventure. She loves Dandelions. He loves Round-up. She is a devotee of ancient culture and has traveled the planet. He believes that the Village of Evansport is the center of the universe. They are serious “Jeopardy” adversaries and have been known to host a mean game of Monopoly. They dislike peas and have never served them in their home. He has an internal gyroscope and always knows what direction he is going. She gets lost in her own backyard.

What ultimately has bound them together and guided them through this union is their solid belief in faith, family, and service to community.

They will celebrate their anniversary by eating steak. His will be well done, hers will be medium rare.


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