Dolby unveils technology to improve TV brightness


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Dolby, long known for pristine sound, is now trying to improve what you see.

On Monday, at the International CES gadget show, the company unveiled Dolby Vision, a technology that increases the brightness and contrast of TV sets. Prototype models are on display from TV manufacturers such as Sharp and TCL.

Standard TV sets emit about 100 nits -- a unit of brightness roughly equivalent to one candle per square meter. As a reference, a 100-watt lightbulb emits 18,000 nits. Dolby says its prototype monitor can put out 4,000 nits.

Dolby says the brightness isn't blinding because only the brightest parts of an image are rendered that way. Increasing the contrast of images helps bring out more subtle color variations and richer details, Dolby says.



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