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Last week the State of Ohio opened what could be a saving grace for those who have gone down the wrong path in life.

The state opened a multiservice facility to help prison inmates better integrate into society and lower the number of repeat offenders reentering the prison system.

Not only does the Chillicothe-based facility house the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, but it also houses EXIT, a halfway house for former inmates.

The center will house a variety of treatment and education programs with inmates also working with gardens and as beekeepers, with some food to be donated to a local food bank.

So many times, defendants get sent to prison, some of them very young, for years at a time. When they are released, they have no marketable skills to enter the workforce to support themselves. This inevitably leads them back to a life of crime and right back into the county jail to await the legal process and then, eventually, a trip back to the penitentiary.

The aging Lawrence County Jail is already in non-compliance for having too many inmates as it is. This new state program could be a way to keep those offenders from getting rearrested and sent back to the jail. ...

We hope this new facility is successful and that it adds more cooperative and productive citizens to our communities.

The Ironton Tribune

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