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Enjoyed music concert

I attended the Sousa Style Pops Concern on Sunday, May 11 at the Defiance Community Auditorium, and I must say it was the most inspiring, heart-warming event I have witnessed in a long time.

The Defiance instrumental music department should be given a four-star rating on the event. The work that had to go into it! Those children were exceptional. We all need to be extremely proud of Defiance and this performance.

The instrumental music staff showed great leaders and showmanship. What talent.

The salute to our veterans was outstanding and the playing of "The Stars and Stripes Forever" was powerful. It brought tears to my eyes. God has surely blessed us. The prayer that was said and "Old Glory" so beautiful with her red, white and blue for all to see.

Virginia Marshall


Writer should have read his letter

In response to Mr. Peabody's letter in the May 18 Crescent-News, perhaps he should have read his letter before submitting it. His attempts to deny the real threat of global warming by mankind are ludicrous.

Unlike Mr. Peabody, I could not trust any person or organization that claims the ability to control a volcano -- one of nature's most violent occurrences. He indicates that we should be able to control them. Then, in his last paragraph, he states that he believes God controls our world.

Make up your mind Mr. Peabody.

Robert Nofziger

rural Wauseon

Gas price increase difficult to understand

It's been awhile, but this needs said.

On May 29, gas started out at $3.40 (average) in Defiance, then the unthinkable happened -- gas prices exploded to $3.99, a 59-cent jump in one day. That is a "record" jump. Please be aware 2008, when oil was $147 a barrel, was the last time we saw gas prices like this.

Looking on the Internet at the commodities prices on May 29, oil was listed at $103.52 a barrel, an increase of 80 cents on that day. I have been listening to the reports of the representatives of Edward Jones on 98.1 on Monday and Friday mornings, and I have heard no oil prices over $104/barrel this year. You do the math.

I sincerely believe if this was any other entity in our commerce gouging the American public, the government would have stepped in long ago, but since the oil companies are so deeply entrenched in politics, there seems to be hesitation, and one could surmise, ostrich-type attitude toward this problem, which leads one to believe that is why nothing is being done by government. Please, as I have stated prior, I have no wish for further regulations by the government, but there really is a need for something to be done.

I just had to vent again.

Paul Siler


Support library levy in the future

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in the Paulding County library levy failing to pass once again.

My children and I make weekly visits to the Cooper Community Library (a branch of the Paulding County Library). A few years ago my oldest daughter and I went to a Mommy and Me class for learning how to make hair bows. I thought going would just be something fun for my daughter and I to do and a way to spend time together. Little did I know two years later it has turned into a business for me. Now I get to brighten little girls lives daily all because of the Cooper Community Library Branch and all they do giving back to the community!

My children learn so much and love going to the library. They both attend different classes there such as storytime, book club, cooking class, movie nights, and that is just to name a few. Might I add it's all for free to the community.

Teaching our children to love reading is very important and a tool they will use for the rest of their lifetimes. We need to invest in programs that invest in our children and the community, and that is exactly what the library does.

The best way to do this is to pass the library levy. So I ask you all to stand with me and vote yes in the future.

Codey McClure


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  • Ms. McClure:  The library is most definitely not free.  It's only free for you if you don't pay the taxes to support it.