C-N Editorial 4-11-13


Two days ago Defiance Mayor Bob Armstrong's administration publicly presented legislation to Defiance City Council that would do the right thing -- give many water/sewer customers a break on their sewer bills during the months of May, June, July and August.

An ordinance let lie Tuesday following a first reading -- but sure to pass soon -- would average water bills over an eight-month period for residential customers in one-, two- or three-family structures, and use this to establish the maximum sewer charge during May, June, July and August. Users still would be charged entirely for their water usage during those months, but not for sewer above the eight-month average.

This makes sense because water typically used in the warm season months for irrigation or recreation won't eventually make its way to the sewer, unlike water used inside the house.

The measure is being considered now because, according to the city, it has the requisite computer software to compute average bills. City employees could have done this task manually in the past, but at great labor, making it impractical before now.

At a time when utility bills have been going up -- especially sewer charges related to EPA mandates measured in the tens of millions of dollars -- this proposal is welcome news.

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