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Four or five months ago, Secretary of State Jon Husted probably would have been grateful for people to forget about Ohio elections for a while. Now, however, he needs the attention of state and federal lawmakers.

When in-state and out-of-state partisans are done besieging this swing state during presidential-election years -- trumping up charges of widespread voter fraud or voter suppression to rally their troops across the country -- it seems they forget all about the importance of smooth, valid elections in Ohio.

But Husted's job remains the same: ensuring that every election is well run. The General Assembly should do its part to help, by enacting the common-sense reforms for which Husted has asked, starting with allowing online voter registration and establishing uniform days and hours for voting. ...

Husted also has a reasonable request for federal officials: If you're going to be involved in states' running of elections, could you help pay for the equipment you mandate, and give states direction where federal law conflicts? ...

Through a storm of partisan interference, Husted has kept a steady focus on running fair and efficient elections in Ohio. State and federal lawmakers should give him some help.

The Columbus Dispatch

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