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Obama movie is a must see

I'm going to tell you what my sister told me when she called me from Colorado and said, "I'm not going to tell you about the movie, Barack Obama's America 2016, but you need to see it."

We went to Wauseon and viewed it. I really do not care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, you are an American, and you really should see the movie.

If you are a parent, grandparent or great grandparent, I urge you to go and see it for yourself. You may have to get on the computer to find a theater close around that is showing it, but you will be glad you took the time.

Janice Sisco


We're not better off now

In November, our nation will answer a question about the future of our country. In one respect it is the same question we answer every four years. In many others it is tremendously different and vastly more important than any in our history.

In 2008, Barack Obama was a relatively unknown politician. He had served as an Illinois state senator, spoken at the 2004 National Democratic Convention and been a U.S. senator. We knew little else of his life and even less about his political beliefs. We were told he was a "new" Democrat who would bring us hope and change, that he could put the race issue behind us and bring the parties together to solve our economic and social problems. (What a lie that was!)

There were rumors about his actual birthplace, who his friends and mentors were and about the inflammatory statements his long-time minister had made. People who mentioned such things were called racists, the media ignored these concerns and voters decided such issues were not important.

The movie "2016; Obama's America", puts all of these issues into perspective and gives us insight into Obama's core beliefs. I urge all voters to see it so they can make an intelligent decision on election day.

For me, Obama's choice to associate with known communists, terrorists and anarchists is still reason enough to vote for anyone running against him. But we have much more information to base our decision on now than we did four years ago, and none of it persuades me that he deserves re-election.

Since Barack's election, the unemployment rate has been over 8 percent, our annual deficits have averaged about $1.5 trillion and we are told that both of these figures are "new norms". Gasoline prices have more than doubled ($1.85 to $3.83), average middle class income has declined by 7.5 percent ($55,000 to $51,000), average home values declined 11 percent ($169,700 to $151,600) and average worker health insurance costs have gone up 23 percent ($3,354 to $4,129). The number of foodstamp recipients is up 46 percent (32 million to 47 million) and the number of people living in poverty has increased 16 percent (39.8 million 46.2 million).

We are definitely not better off than we were four years ago, and if Obama is re-elected, we will be even worse off in another four. A good way to give our country a better chance to improve the numbers I quoted would be to vote against every candidate with a "D" behind their name. That includes Sherrod Brown who is a disgrace to Ohio. Just to refresh voters' memories, Brown said unemployment benefits drive our economy, voted for Obamacare and is part of the Senate that has not passed a budget bill since his election. Brown was not qualified to be a senator when he was elected and six years of on-the-job training has not improved his performance. He needs to be right behind Obama on their way out of Washington.

Randall Peabody

rural Defiance

Fairgrounds should be open more

I am writing to express my extreme irritation regarding the virtual closing off of the Defiance County fairgrounds to the public.

My home is located on the corner of the Main-Hicks Street intersection in Hicksville, catty-cornered from the fairgrounds. Many people often walk in the fairgrounds throughout the year, including my family and many of my neighbors. The fairgrounds have always seemed to be a warm, open place, good for exercise or simply contemplation of life. However, it is obvious not everyone feels that way, as I recently discovered when both entranceways leading to the fairgrounds from the west side and the pedestrian walkway entrance were both suddenly closed off without explanation or warning.

Some investigation on my part revealed the county fair board closed the entrances off as an attempt to curb vandalism. This is completey illogical, as the fact that the grounds remain open from Maple Street just gives the vandals one place to enter rather than three. All this does is inconvenience people like myself who are unable to walk to the Main Street entrance from there. It appears to be just another case of one or two bad apples spoiling things for the rest of us. Obviously attention is needed, but the fair board has gone too far in an attempt to find a solution.

What the fairgrounds needs is increased patrolling by law enforcement officials. If the local police, for some reason, are unable to patrol grounds used by the county, then perhaps arrangements can be made by town and county governments to change this.

If the fair board will not reopen the doors, then perhaps it can spring for a new sidewalk running next to the area spanning the length of the grounds going down Hicks Street. The fairgrounds used to serve as a way for pedestrians to walk that length without endangering themselves by being in the street.

The downward trend in the fairgrounds in recent years has been disappointing. The fairgrounds should be used by the people and not closed off by county officials who more than likely have no real interest in Hicksville and what the people want. We have seen people who simply wanted to go for a nice walk and who have instead been turned away by a locked gate. Those of us who live by the fairgrounds put up with a lot of noise and traffic during fair week, and we only ask to use the area as it always has been used during the rest of the year.

Richard Brown


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