Hopefully, the commentary about Mitt Romney's tax returns will come to an end, now that he has released the data some wanted. The issue has become politicized with Democrats apparently trying to use it as a way to discredit Romney. Certainly, it's a no-win situation for him.

The biggest issue some seem to have with him is that he is fabulously wealthy at a time when many Americans are struggling. That makes him an easy target for Democrats who claim to be standard bearers of the middle class.

But the release of Romney's tax information reveals few surprises about a man of his income. That he paid what he was expected to pay is apparent by the fact that he is not being prosecuted by the IRS for tax evasion, as at least one political commentator has noted.

For the record, Romney paid $1.9 million in federal income taxes last year and gave some $4 million to charity.

His tax bill was more than many Americans put together, and a lot more than the 47 percent of Americans who didn't pay any federal income taxes.

None of that, however, likely will satisfy his critics, or Obama supporters who are doubtlessly enjoying the distractions from the country's ongoing economic situation.

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