In their view ...


Violence protection programs ... may seem like a solution without a problem.

Our schools, after all, have avoided the kind of tragedies that have happened in Colorado and elsewhere in recent years.

Incidents of violence in schools have been going down for two decades, according to the National Center for Education Statistics ... .

Still, any violence in a school is unacceptable. And bullying still happens everywhere. And bomb threats, fights, and weapons offenses can take place at a small school as easily as a large one.

That's why a project announced last week, aimed at preventing violent acts in all the county's schools, is a good thing for the community.

The effort of city and county schools, law enforcement and the University of Findlay will focus, in part, on recognizing early-warning signs that a student could turn to violence.

Threat-assessment training of faculty, staff and school employees will begin this fall.

In addition, efforts will be made to improve security at each school, and intervention programs will address bullying. Parents will be included in the bullying awareness efforts.

There are no easy solutions, of course, to preventing school violence or guarantees that it can be stopped completely ... .

No school is immune from violence, and officials are doing the right thing by being proactive and tackling the issue through prevention.

The Courier

Findlay, Ohio

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