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Faced with the continued, widespread opposition to President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act of 2010, backers often point to its provisions -- including requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions and allowing parents to keep their children on their plans until age 26 -- that have proved popular with many people. "Once they see what's in the bill, people will like it" has been their mantra.

What they don't like to discuss are all the provisions buried in the massive 2,000-plus page bill that likely would have the effect of reducing and rationing care.

One such item is the establishment of an Independent Payment Advisory Board, a group of 15 appointed -- not elected -- advisers who would make rulings about what kind of care is covered for everyone, or for certain groups of people -- all "without congressional consent or legal appeal," as the Wall Street Journal wrote in a recent editorial....

(The board) is just one of many features of the health care overhaul that should and do alarm Americans -- once they find out about them. The problem is, Americans still are finding out what's in the bill, a bill which literally represents life-or-death matters but was rammed through in a partisan push with the aid of late-night, backroom deals in Washington.

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