'Payback' is motivation for Senate Bill 5 It

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'Payback' is motivation for Senate Bill 5 It is payback. The motivation for the Republican-backed Senate Bill 5 is simply political revenge. The Republican Party does not receive anything close to the financial contributions the public unions pass along to the Democratic Party. The bill guts public unions; meanwhile, public employees are caught in the middle. Ohio voters will decide the future of this controversial Issue 2 in November. As a former public school teacher and counselor (three systems, 35 years experience) my position is obvious. If passed, management would hold all the cards, but is that necessary? Collective bargaining is based on fairness and good faith. If Issue 2 passes, collective bargaining will essentially end. It reminds me of the scene in "Oliver" when the young lead character asks the well-fed master for more soup. A local newspaper columnist and sage recently wrote: "Here in Ohio, we certainly have state budget problems, but they are not caused by collective bargaining rights for public employees." I agree. When proponents of Senate Bill 5 (Building a Better Ohio) remark, "We can keep the unfair, unsustainable policies that are bankrupting our communities, or we can change direction and get spending under control", it appears logical, but is pure sophistry (mildly speaking, this statement is misleading; plainly speaking it is "a crock"). Benefits, salaries, and working conditions are negotiable. Teachers/school systems freeze or cut salaries, depending on the financial situation. These are negotiated concessions, which have always happened historically in tough times. It is not done arbitrarily. Teachers negotiate knowing what is economically acceptable. Passage of Issue 2 ensures negotiations in name only. Finally, the Ohio Republican Party does not seem to realize or value how much support they have received at the ballot box in the past from teachers. Teachers do not support NEA/OEA positions blindly. Are local Republican officials Goodwin, Hite and Wachtmann aware of this? Elected public officials need to lead by example and subject themselves to the same financial sacrifices they are attempting to impose on public employees. We are all in this together, right? Rick Baldwin rural Defiance Public educators are 'falsely taught' On Friday, Sept. 23, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the United Nations General Assembly which is not a Bible-based organization, but he, representing Israel, referred to the Bible, saying that his last name has been traced to the reign of King Hezakiah in Jerusalem (715 B.C., II Kings 18-20) and that his first name, Benjamin, originated 1,000 years earlier (Genesis 35:18) (as one of the 12 sons of "Jacob" who was given the name "Israel"' which means "he will rule as God" (Genesis 32:24-32). Netanyahu spoke about the issue of "Palestine" becoming a nation. If public education students were allowed to study the Bible, they would discover that the name Palestine is the Latin name the Romans used for Philistia, a region of Syria, now Jordan. Philistines (now called Palestinians) were ancient enemies of the Jews. Netanyahu also noted that the name "Jew" comes from the nation of "Judea" (an area south of Jerusalem that was named after one of Jacob's sons, "Judah" (Genesis 29:35). Further study of Genesis reveals that Benjamin's older brother, Joseph, was sold by his brothers to the Ishmalites to be a slave (Genesis 37:28). Ishmalites were descendants of Abraham's older son, Ishmael, from Abraham's wife maid, Hagar. (Muhammed, who wrote the Koran, 600 years after Christ, traced his ancestry to Abraham's son from his wife, Sarah (Genesis 17:19). Genesis 17:19 also records that God's "covenant" (flesh contract) is with Issac's descendants (the Jews). Genesis 17:20 following says that Ishmael would also have 12 sons to start great nations. Moses and Jesus were Jews and continued the covenant God made with Abraham and Issac. Therefore, Jehovah-God is frequently referred to by Jews and Christians as the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Christ said we all can become Abraham's children, even if we are not born as Jews or Muslims (Zaccheus, Matthew 19:1-10; explained in Galatians 3:7). Public educators are falsely taught in state universities that Abraham started the idea of God and call it "monotheism". Then they say that God didn't create or cause a worldwide flood and doesn't have a covenant with anybody and hint Moses didn't exist so that political truth can replace real truth. At present political science cannot explain the language of creation contained in DNA because it's not seen. Is the language of DNA a myth? Is Benjamin Netanyahu a myth? Perhaps public education will have to resort back to George Berkeley who taught that material things exist only because we perceive them (making material a myth). "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (King David, Israel) or a tale by an idiot signifying nothing?" (Shakespeare) "Free will" is a theological term that is not found in progressive evolution. Larry Tonjes rural Hicksville Firefighters 'overwhelmed' by support Recently, the Defiance Firefighters Local 918 conducted a "Fill the Boot" collection day. We collected donations in Defiance for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). This type of campaign is conducted ntionwide by many professional firefighters. Our goal was to collect a few hundred dollars for the charity. We spent 21/2 hours collecting and were overwhelmed with the donations and support we received. The total donations surpassed $1,900 in that time period. All the money goes to MDA for research and support of persons that are affected by muscular dystrophy. These are difficult times, and we would like to thank everyone who donated for their generosity. This is an obvious example of the type of people who live and work in our community. Thank you again. Tod Liffick Defiance (Editor's note: Todd Liffick is a Defiance firefighter.)

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