VIDEO: Gov. Kasich supports Lt. Gov. Taylor's handling of staff discipline

By MARC KOVAC @ohiocapitalblog Published:

COLUMBUS -- Gov. John Kasich said Monday he supports Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor's handling of a timecard issues that led to the departure of her chief of staff and other employee.

"We did exactly what you should do when you have a problem like that," Kasich told reporters Monday. "That person is gone, its' been referred."

Earlier this month, two employees in Taylor's office resigned from their post after a public records request from the liberal blog Plunderbund revealed discrepancies in their time sheets and parking garage records.

Democrats last week announced plans to file public records requests for related documents, including keycard and scheduling data to determine Taylor's whereabouts during workdays.

The administration has asked the inspector general's office to investigate the two employees involved, and Kasich said Taylor handled the situation appropriately.

"You have 55,000 employees, you're going to have problems," the governor told reporters. "The key is what do you do with it, and I think Mary did the right thing, and I support her."

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