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General Manager
Steve VanDemark
419.784.5441, ext. 205

Newsroom Editor
Dennis Van Scoder
419.784.5441, ext. 225

Prepress Manager
Beverly Stahl
419.784.5441, ext. 215

Advertising Manager
Mark Ryan
419.784.5441, ext. 214

Circulation Manager
Greg Meyers
419.784.5441, ext. 231

IT manager
Adam Breckler
419.784.5441, ext. 215

Newsroom Staff
Dennis Van Scoder
419.784.5441, ext. 225

Jenny Derringer
Education Editor/Photographer
419.784.5441, ext. 221

Mark Froelich
Website Editor/Entertainment Editor/
419.784.5441, ext. 217

Todd Helberg
City Editor/Opinion Page Editor
419.784.5441, ext. 223

Chuck Martinez-Brandon
Staff Writer/Page Designer
419.784.5441, ext. 256

Lisa Nicely
Farm Editor/Business Editor
419.784.5441, ext. 224

Bethany Rayle
Staff writer
419.784.5441, ext. 219

Darlene Prince
Lifestyle Editor
Health & Home/Lawn/Garden Editor
419.784.5441, ext. 220

Peter Greer
Staff Writer

Tim McDonough
Religion Editor/Staff Writer
419.784.5441, ext. 228

Taryn Lawson
Staff Writer
419.784.5441, ext. 218

Prepress department
419.784.5441, ext. 215

Bev Stahl
Prepress department manager

Adam Breckler

Julianne Honeck

Chelsea Diemer

Kathy Tubbs

Greg Gobrogge
Accounting Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 204

Sports Department
Bruce Hefflinger
Sports Editor
419.784.5441, ext. 226

Lynn Groll
Assistant Sports Editor
Outdoor Editor
419.784.5441, ext. 209

Aaron Gross
Sports Writer
419.784.5441, ext. 216

Advertising staff
Mark Ryan
Advertising Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 214

Chris Van Scoder
Assistant Retail Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 213

Nancy Hale
Preprint manager
419.784.5441, ext. 207

Beth Arps
Account representative
419.784.5441 ext. 202

Eric Hammon
Account representative
419.784.5441 ext. 212

Jason Hohenbrink
Account representative
419.784.5441, ext. 211

Greg Meyers
Circulation Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 231

Cathie Kinney
Distribution Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 251

Brett Belew
District Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 200

Mickie Butler
District Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 249

Suzie O'Neal
District Manager
419.784.5441, ext. 235

Lisa Clements
419.784.5441, ext. 203

Customer Service Representatives
Judy Dumire
419.784.5441, ext. 234

Abby Sweinhagen
419.784.5441, ext. 233

Trish Seither
419.784.5441, ext. 201

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    625 Tiedeman Ave

    Hello, I would like to know why the carriers can't seem to put paper in slot under my mailbox as I requested. I have asked each one to please do this and they say that they are just filling in. My paper is toosed on porch and steps even when raining. I don't especially enjoy trying to read wet papers, Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  • We did not recieve our newspaper today. It was for January 6th. We live on 935 Wayne Avenue.


  • Well you screwed up on the photo on your front page article of Noah Karascon the driver in the photo on the golf cart is Logen Neidhardt who is Noah's best friend and classmate. If you people don't know who someone is ask.

  • How do i put a vacation hold on the paper?

  • I didn't receive my paper yesterday 6/24

    Wayne Adkins


  • Our new e-mail address is ; how do I change on the web site? 

    David Egler  29327 Allen Road  Defiance OH  43512

    Old e-mail address:


  • You missed my delivery today (Friday 11/14/14). I'm sure there is a place to report that but I'm not sure where.

    Gary Sherman

    340 Coldwater

    McClure, Oh. 43534

  • What were you thinking by downsizing the TV Weekly Magazine ?  My goodness, we cannot even read it, the letters are so small.  I do not know who thought that this was  a good idea, but you may as well leave  it out of the Sunday Paper, as much as I care.  I know that we are "older", but I think this would be hard to read by anyone.    I guess we will have to buy the Toledo Blade on Sunday's in order to get a decent TV Schedule.    Thanks for reading my input.