DC men's basketball: Spartans get 'Wolfrumed'

By LYNN GROLLgroll@crescent-news.com Published:

Manchester College head coach Brad Nadborne referred to Wednesday's 57-56 loss at Defiance College as being "Wolfrumed." In other words, being beaten by Defiance junior standout Logan Wolfrum, who hit the game-winning bucket just inside the arc from the left wing with 2.8 seconds left against Nadborne's Spartans to keep DC in the running for an HCAC Tournament berth. "We got Wolfrumed," said Nadborne. "Jordan (Moss) was guarding him and Jordan was straight up on him and got a hand (in his face) and he hit a shot. Logan didn't have his greatest shooting night of his career, but he found a way in the end to make some plays and pull his team through."