Defiance, Ohio, water supply not under an restrictions


Adam McDowell, superintendent of the Defiance water treatment plant, issued the following information about the city's water supply following concern about Toledo's water emergency.

The Defiance water treatment plant is not currently under any water use restrictions for toxins created by algal blooms. No blooms have been detected this year (as defined by harmful cyanobacteria above 10k/mL) to produce them. An increase in counts to approximately 7k/mL prompted the city to perform an application of an algaecide on July 3. Immediately after that application, the city was sampled twice by the Ohio EPA and had no detectable levels in the tap water. The water department will continue to closely monitor algae conditions through the season as part of an aggressive control strategy for the Defiance reservoir.

Additionally the investment that has been made by the citizens to construct the 74-acre reservoir provides the city with the option of being able to feed from it, as well as directly from the Maumee River. Having the two separated sources from which to draw water would typically allow the city to minimize the effects of a toxin producing bloom occurring here.

Again, it is not necessary to switch to another water source if you draw from any area served by the Defiance water treatment plant. These areas include Defiance city and its outlying areas as well as the water systems of Brunersburg, Ayersville and Lake Christi Meadows.

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