Police recover van hauling 'dangerous' chemicals

Was reported stolen from Swanton


TOLEDO (AP) -- Toledo police have recovered a stolen van containing potentially fatal chemicals with its dangerous cargo intact, they reported Wednesday night.

Police found the van, which was stolen from Swanton Tuesday, around 6 p.m. in front of 1132 Halstead St.

"An inventory of the containers was taken and it appeared that the most dangerous chemicals were still in the van," a police report said.

The van, a white 1998 Ford E350 had a 14-foot black, homemade trailer attached. Inside was a Polaris all-terrain vehicle. The ATV was found in Toledo, but the van and 50 pounds of hazardous chemicals were missing for about a day, police said.

The chemicals inside the van included Clearigate, Aquathol K, Tribune Herbicide, and Hydrothol. They are typically used for treating ponds.

"They can be dangerous either if they're ingested or by contact," Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said of the chemicals inside the vehicle.

Sgt. Heffernan suggested that the person who stole the van may not have realized there were dangerous chemicals inside. "I think they saw a van with a trailer with an ATV inside," he said.

Police could not reach the van's owner Wednesday evening, so they towed it to the impound lot, where it has been stored apart from other vehicles.

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