Leftover campaign funds go to charities

By TODD HELBERG @cntoddhelberg cnedit@crescent-news.com Published:

Leftover funds from Defiance City Hall's successful income tax levy campaign last fall have been donated to several local charities.

Defiance Firefighters Local 918 -- representing city firefighters -- have given more than $3,500 to five different charities.

The 0.3-percent income tax for city police and fire services narrowly passed in November.

Campaign treasurer Norm Walker -- Defiance's former police chief -- said $3,730.17 was left over from the $10,720 raised.

According to Local 918 president Chad Brown, $1,000 of the leftover money was given to Neighbors in Need, $1,000 went to Youth For Christ and $500 went to each of the food pantries operated by St. Paul's United Methodist Church and St. Mary's Catholic Church, both in Defiance. Another $630.17 went to the local United Way. (The other $100 was used to pay an outstanding campaign bill to rent a truck for the Halloween parade in October, Walker said.)

Nearly half of the total raised ($5,000) was provided by Local 918.

"Basically, we just wanted to give back to people that supported us," said Brown of the union's donations to the above charities.

"I think it's a great use of the money and I appreciate the generosity of the union," said Council President Mike McCann, who co-chaired the levy campaign with former At-large Councilman Joe Eureste.

"We were very appreciative of all the people who donated to our campaign fund," added Defiance Mayor Bob Armstrong.

Eureste said he "appreciated everyone's sacrifice in the donations they made, and their goodwill allowed the levy campaign to distribute this balance to needy community organizations in order to close out our levy campaign."

Too, he praised the firefighters' $5,000 donation.

"Most people do not understand the importance of the large donation that the firemen's union made to our campaign," Eureste said. "The large donation from the firemen's union, along with the numerous individual donations from our community, helped make our campaign viable and productive.

"The donations made it possible for us to get our message out to the community about our levy campaign," he added. "But more importantly, it helped us generate enough money in reserve, in the event the levy failed. To put together another levy campaign in the event our levy failed, would have required more donations."

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