The Crescent-News releases new mobile website


The Crescent-News has released its new mobile website.

Mobile phone and tablet users visiting The Crescent-News ( will notice a fresh new format built on "responsive design," a technology developed to display the website on most mobile or tablet devices. The site has software, called a "sniffer," that will analyze what type of device is being used to access the site and then serve the appropriate platform: mobile, tablet or PC.

"We are excited to provide this platform to our readers in combination with the other services (print, online) we already provide. Current print subscribers that have not registered need only to activate their account, at no additional cost to them," said Mark Froelich, Web page editor of The Crescent-News. "Readers that are not subscribers will still be allowed access to some of our stories, but we will continue to reserve full content for our paid subscribers."

Mark Ryan, advertising director said, "Our readers will continue to receive all advertising offers online, now including mobile, as well as advertisements and coupons offered in the print product."

On a tablet, users will see two or three columns of content and advertising (depending on orientation of the tablet). They will see two columns of content on smaller screen tablets. Smartphone users will see a single column of content. Smartphone users can scroll down the single column for more content or use the menu at the top and bottom of the page to quickly access content.

The Crescent-News is committed to providing quality local coverage in the community while harnessing the evolving changes in the media.

"We enjoy delivering the newspaper to your doorstep in print and electronically," said Froelich. "Our package price for home delivery of the printed product and 24/7 access through PC, tablet or mobile is very competitive. We will continue to offer different coverage, photos and features in each medium. We also provide value in advertising discounts and coupons that when used will pay for your subscription."

We'd love to hear feedback on the mobile version of The Crescent-News. Feel free to submit feedback in the comments section (of this article online) or write Froelich at, or call the customer service department at 419-784-5441.

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