Kasich issues statewide energy emergency


COLUMBUS -- On Saturday, Gov. John R. Kasich issued a statewide energy emergency declaration in order to expedite shipments of propane gas and help ease tight propane gas supplies brought on by the recent cold spell.

Propane gas is a common home-heating fuel in rural Ohio and delivered to both suppliers and homes by trucks. Kasich is also asking the federal government to take similar steps so that propane gas shipments can come into Ohio more quickly from other states.

"This will help get propane companies resupplied so Ohioans who use proprane to heat their homes can stay warm, while also doing it safely," Kasich said through a press release. "We're also working closely with county officials to look out for people whose supplies might be getting low. I urge folks to look out for one another right now. Check in on your neighbors, especially seniors or families with young kids, and call your local Red Cross or EMA if there's anyone who needs help. We'll get through this as we always do, by working together."

In addition, Kasich's declaration allows shippers with valid commercial driver licenses who are transporting propane or heating oil to drive more hours and more consecutive days than they normally would as long as they can still do so safely.

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