A cold spell for the ages?

By TODD HELBERG @cntoddhelberg cnedit@crescent-news.com Published:

If you've been outside today, you know it's colder than normal -- and may get as cold overnight as has ever been recorded on Jan. 7 in Defiance.

Temperatures were forecasted to plunge to as low as minus 19 by Tuesday morning after a projected afternoon high today that was expected to be around zero. Winds are also expected to be breezy, with the wind chill reaching much lower temperatures.

How does the forecasted temperature compare with records?

According to the Internet website weatherunderground (www.wunderground.com), the record low in Defiance for Jan. 7 (Tuesday) is minus 13, set in 1970.

Forecasts indicate that the really frigid temperatures will be around until at least Wednesday.

Tuesday's forecast calls for high temperatures below zero and a low Tuesday night/Wednesday morning around minus 5.

The record low temperature for Jan. 8 (Wednesday) is minus 14.

Incidentally, Friday morning's low at the Defiance County Airport was minus 11, according to the National Weather Service.

The forecasted high and low temperatures in the next couple days are well below the recorded averages.

The average maximum temperature for Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, for example, is 32 while the average low is 18, according to Accuweather.

Last year's high on Jan. 7 was 34 while the low was 23, according to Accuweather, while the figures on Jan. 8 were 39 and 22, respectively.

Those seem warm now, but don't compare to what occurred a year ago this coming weekend.

On Jan. 11, 2013 and Jan. 12, 2013, temperatures reached 60 degrees each day, Accuweather records indicated. The first day set a record high, but the second fell several degrees short.

Temperatures this weekend won't be anywhere near that, and are forecasted to be around or above the recorded averages.

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