Defiance trick-or-treat night moved


Defiance Mayor Bob Armstrong's office has announced that trick-or-treat night in Defiance has been moved from Thursday evening to Oct. 30 (from 6-7:30 p.m.) due to the visit of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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  • Im voting Obama definately

  • Ah yes. Life's little inconveniences.

  • Imagine if they would actually have trick or treating ON Halloween night. What a novel concept. Perhaps then I would not have to explain to my kids why Mitt Romney cancelled fake Halloween.

  • Why is everyone thinking about how this will inconvenience them as opposed to the safety of our children? I am proud that Mayor Bob Armstrong decided to change it to a different night. The safety of everyone is more important than what night trick or treat is. I believe peopl have their priorities mixed up here as there are plenty of other places they can go trick or treating.

  • Thanks Bob, Thanks Mitt. Time for a new mayor and for Defiance County to go blue this November!

  • I'm glad it was changed. I feel bad for people it doesn't work for, but it is good that some people will have the opportunity to do both events, instead of having to choose. I wouldn't want to miss either event.

  • Thanks Mr. Mayor. Don't worry about YOUR citizens and their families. This is a tradition and many schedules have been set for trick or treat. Don't worry about it at all... Just worry at election time. You have really messed up a lot of people's Trick or Treat nights. My husband works 2nd shift and already has the night off to spend it with his family. My children have been anticipating this night for weeks. I will not support you in the next election. Not because you moved Trick or Treat but soley on the fact that you did NOT think of YOUR voting citizens. How about apologizing to the kids at the parade saturday night. Interestingly enought - rumor is that Mr. Romney won't come until Tuesday, the 30th now.

  • Who cares about Mitt. This is for our kids

  • So glad the mayor decided to move trick or treat with two days notice...thanks for thinking of all the people who've already made plans or arranged their schedules to get Thursday off...not everyone cares about politics!

  • I just heard that ROMNEY might now come on OCT 30th now!!

  • If your going to move Halloween for mitty, why not move it to the TRUE NIGHT of all hollows eve, Oct 31???

  • Wonderful, doesn't work with my schedule....