Enter your best lasagna in the 2014 Recipe Challenge

By DARLENE PRINCE @cnDarlenePrince prince@crescent-news.com Published:

Does your lasagna have crowds of people standing at the door with forks ready and mouths watering?

Do you have a lasagna recipe that has a fantastic ingredient only you add that makes the dish the talk of get-togethers?

Or would you simply like to stack up your lasagna in a contest against other people's recipes and see who wins?

Whatever your reason, welcome to The Crescent-News' exciting new Lasagna Challenge, as part of the annual C-N 2014 Recipe Challenge.

Lasagna will be the special new category for contestants and will include the opportunity to win the $50 prize and the C-N 2014 Recipe Challenge's new Mystery Prize. All finalists will get a chance to win the mystery prize.

Lasagna recipes and all of the recipes in the C-N 2014 Recipe Challenge, must be original, or significantly altered from previously published recipes. Recipes will be checked by three judges for taste, uniqueness, texture and ease of preparation.

The other categories for the C-N 2014 Recipe Challenge are:

• appetizers and snacks

• entrees

• salads, sides and bread

• soups, stews and chili

• desserts.

All entries must be received by Sept. 26. Finalists will be chosen by three judges on Sept. 30 at The Crescent-News.

Winners will be chosen from the finalists on Oct. 14 in the C-N Recipe Challenge event. The Recipe Challenge will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the late afternoon at Trinity United Methodist Church, Defiance.

Winning recipes, pictures and as many recipes as room allows will be published in The Crescent-News Cookbook on Nov. 5. All recipes will be published on www.crescent-news.com.

An entry form is available in today's paper in Section C on page C 4. Forms are also available at The Crescent-News office during business hours from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. during the week.

Contestants are also urged to enter via email at recipecontest@crescent-news.com. One entry is allowed per person per category. A contestant can enter in more than one category. Photo copies are accepted. Please type or print. Illegible entries will not be judged. Please be sure to include a home or cell phone number. Entries can be mailed to Recipe Contest, The Crescent-News, PO Box 249, Defiance, OH 43512.

All finalists will be notified after the judging on Sept. 30 is completed.

There will be three winning places in each category, except for the Lasagna Challenge, which will have five winning places.

All first-place winners will receive $50 and second place winners will receive $25.

The grand prize winner will receive $125, and the grand prize runner-up will get $50.

Any questions can be sent to Darlene Prince, Lifestyle editor at 419-784-5441, ext. 220, or emailed to her at prince@crescent-news.com.

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