Reminder: Paulding cold case featured on TNT's "Cold Justice" tonight


"Cold Justice" on TNT will be airing the episode "Second Thoughts" about the Alma Noffsinger case on Friday at 9 p.m.

Here is synopsis from TNT:

"Alma Noffsinger, 29, was an attractive, fun-loving mother of three young children. She was recently divorced from her second husband, Steve, and the two were in a custody battle over the child they had together. Throughout Alma's marriage to Steve, she maintained a good relationship with her first husband, David, the father of her two older children. David's new girlfriend was reportedly unhappy with their close contact. On Dec. 17, 1981, a neighbor noticed that Alma's front door had been open all morning. Concerned, she walked inside Alma's house, calling out for her when -- to her horror -- she came upon a lifeless Alma lying face-down in her bed. There was blood all over the room. Now, almost 33 years later, after being approached by Alma's family, newly elected Paulding County Sheriff Jason Landers has re-opened Alma's case and assigned two seasoned investigators to it, Deputy Robert Garcia and Lt. Brion Hanenkrat. During the past months, they've formed a close relationship with Alma's family and have vowed to put whoever is responsible behind bars."

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