Four indicted in drug cases by Wood County grand jury

Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Staff Writer Published:

BOWLING GREEN (AP) -- Four-out-of-state men were charged for drug trafficking. They were among those indicted for drug-related offenses by a Wood County grand jury on Sept. 19. In addition, a Bloomdale woman was cited out of two courts and indicted by the grand jury in two separate cases of both possession of cocaine and possession of heroin. Travis P. Griffin, 22, and Victor A. Saver, 32, both of Louisville, Ky., were each indicted for aggravated trafficking for a July 12 incident. According to the indictments, the co-defendants had drugs prepared for shipment or distribution in amounts equal or in excess of the bulk amounts. A specification was included for possible forfeiture of $628 in cash. Richard A. Barnes, 24, and David R. Riley, 28, both of Detroit, were each indicted as co-defendants for both trafficking and possession of cocaine.

Riley was also listed with a Muncie, Ind. address. Riley's indictment also includes a specification for possible forfeiture of a 1999 Ford Contour. They were stopped along Interstate 75 on Aug. 28.

Upon conducting a search of the vehicle two plastic bags totaling more than 93 grams of cocaine were found in the trunkDelia M. Dean, 34, of Bloomdale was charged through the Perrysburg Municipal court on possession of both heroin and cocaine for a June 7 offense; and through the Bowling Green court for similar charges for an Aug. 8 offense.Others indicted include:• Jesse J. Whitt, Jr., 55, of Perrysburg, possession of heroin.• Roger W. Lambert, 23, of Bowling Green, possession of cocaine.• Michael Bernard Staples, of Detroit, aggravated possession.• David Green, 51, of Kettering, possession of heroin. In addition to those indicted, bills of information were handed up for the following people:• Ethan James Bishop, 20, of Portage, for aggravated trafficking in drugs.• Aaron Dean Mohammad Baksh, 23, of Perrysburg, for possession of cocaine.

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