Obama indicates democracy can thrive in Ukraine with some help

NEDRA PICKLER Associated Press Published:

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- President Barack Obama said Ukraine can be a vibrant, thriving democracy if the United States and the international community stand behind it.

Obama is speaking after meeting with Ukraine's President-elect Petro Poroshenko in Warsaw, Poland. It's Obama's first private meeting with the man he hopes can guide Ukraine out of crisis.

Obama said Ukrainians rejected violence and corruption and chose democracy in their presidential election. He's praising Poroshenko for reaching out the country's restive east.

Obama said other nations must support Poroshenko and his government, including by training its military and police to deal with challenges. He said the international community must also ensure Russia no longer supports separatists in Ukraine.

Poroshenko said the next phase is crucial to starting a peaceful process.

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