Ohio governor prepares to sign midterm budget bill

JULIE CARR SMYTH Associated Press Published:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich (KAY'-sik) is making final veto decisions before the scheduled signing of a wide-ranging midterm budget bill. That includes whether to strike $30 million that lawmakers set aside for bonuses to high-quality nursing homes.

Kasich was expected to sign the bill Monday.

The policy and spending measure trims state spending by nearly $13.6 million. It also advances a number of Kasich's government-trimming strategies. It changes some laws to allow local government to share certain services, and it eliminates or alters the roles of various government boards and commissions.

Kasich has line-item veto power over the bill because it contains appropriations.

The unusual off-cycle budget bill was Kasich's creation. He based it on the one-year budget cycle of the federal government, which contrasts with Ohio's two-year cycle.

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