'Faster' food: What to eat and how to give kids zip

By DRs. MEHMET OZ AND MICHAEL ROIZEN King Features Syndicate Published:

So here are some smart ways to help kids so they'll have a healthy body, a powerful brain and a happy outlook:

-- Size down the dish. To keep your child from overeating (30 percent of kids are overweight or obese), cut the bowl or plate size in half. Kids will naturally -- you don't have to say a word -- eat half as much!

-- Add protein to breakfast so kids (and adults) have energy all day. Kids 9-14 need about 34 grams of protein daily. For breakfast, aim for 10-15 grams -- or 1 cup cooked oatmeal (5.5 g), 1/4 cup nonfat yogurt (3 g), 1 ounce of turkey bacon (5 g).

-- Get kids playing, walking, moving, for a minimum of 60 minutes daily -- and get out there and do it with them.

If that doesn't work, threaten to wake them up every morning with the phrase, "Why, when I was your age ..." That'll get them moving.

-- Limit screen time to two hours a day, max! -- and no TV or Internet in bedrooms.

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