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On Monday, there was a multiple-vehicle accident at the intersection of U.S. 127 and Ohio 18 in Sherwood. One person was injured and transported via air ambulance to a Fort Wayne hospital where he was treated and released. C-N reporter Lisa Nicely was sent to the scene Monday morning and came back with some great video clips. We put together a 1-minute, 50-second video and it was on website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages by mid-morning.

In just two days, the video has received 12,042 views (as of 8:45 a.m. today).

The C-N has had popular videos before. Remember the fire inside the Defiance Fire Department building on Jan. 19, 2010? That has generated nearly 80,000 views and even has its share of interesting comments, too. Our YouTube Channel has more than 100 subscribers and includes 230,877 video views for the 187 videos.

Accident video:

C-N YouTube Channel:

'Ship My Pants'

The new Kmart ad has gone viral.

Links have been posted on Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds, Google+ and even on LinkedIn. Heck, it's even on Pinterest.

The YouTube video -- in all its glory of 35 seconds -- is on Kmart's channel and has generated 11.5 million views ... and is still collecting hits every day.

Why so popular? It's content is unusual and sounds like they're using a four-letter word. The ad/video is titled "Ship My Pants" -- say that three times quickly and you'll hear why. But honestly, the ad is hilarious. I'm not advocating these kinds of ads, but just saying this one in particular is funny. It includes people from all ages saying that three-word phrase (or something similar) and with each person, it remains funny.

Other companies have done similar ads to generate interest before. Remember the "Shut the Front Door" ad from Oreo? See it at:

"Ship My Pants" on YouTube:


Trending on Twitter Tuesday and today is the hashtag (#) 5ThingsThatAnnoyMe.

When you log in to your Twitter account, you see the trends on the left side of the screen. Click on this hashtag and you will see all the posts about what annoy people. Some of these are interesting, funny, serious, not serious and more. Here are just a sliver of the annoyances: When people accuse me of being pregnant, slow texters, loud eaters, dirty stubby nails, algebra, alarm clock, when someone at my house yells my name and I say "what" 20 times then have to go see what they want; acne, wake up early in the morning for school, slow internet, lying politicians.

One tweeter (@proudbaseballGF) had five things of annoyance that were all about baseball: people that don't like baseball, girls that pretend to like baseball, non-game days, umpires and the other team.


Found on Facebook

A woman married a man in Australia and then changed her relationship status on Facebook. Soon thereafter, she receives a message from her husband's ... wife! It read: "Hello, new Mrs. Keyet. How can you be Mrs Keyet when I am still Mrs Keyet? -- From the old Mrs Keyet"

The headline is: "Facebook status change reveals new husband has old wife."


Cedar Point

GateKeeper is the new rollercoaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky this year. It's an exciting time for the amusement park, but that ride isn't the only reason for enthusiasm. The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published an article titled "GateKeeper coaster isn't the only change coming to Cedar Point." It's a good read.


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