Mark Froelich 6-27-12 - Send your best photo that displays hot weather and drought in your area


Children are out of school, but I'd like to give out an assignment to them and to you.


Send me your best photo that displays hot weather and drought conditions in your area. That's it. Temperatures are expected to move past 100 on Thursday, so now is the appropriate time to send these hot weather/drought photos.

Q. How do you send the photos?

A. Email your photos to but please make sure the photos are less than 2 MB in size.

Q. How creative can you be?

A. Take a look at these photos and maybe you can get some ideas:

Q. Can I use Photoshop on my photo?

A. For this assignment, yes. This might help you be more creative, too.

Q. What does a photoshopped picture look like?

A. When you take a photo and then you add your own effects to the picture. So you could take a picture of yourself, add a different body and not too many people (who don't know you) would know the difference. Or, you could take a picture of a cat and give it a big toothy smile. (

Q. What will you do with these photos?

A. I'll add these to The Crescent-News Online's special section titled "Your Photos, Opinions, News." (If you and other readers send a bunch of photos, you may see something in the print edition.)

Q. Where do I send the photos?

A. Email to

Kenneth & his shoe

In this video, you'll see a teen-age school boy tie his shoelace without touching it with his hands. All he does is shake his shoes. It's pretty amazing and it's also a short video. You'll hear his friends saying "What the hell?" a lot, so if you're offended by that language, mute it. And you might want to play-and-pause often to see how this trick is done.



Awesome things

Take a look at these pictures to see some awesome ideas:

-- If you have to push a baby cart to get exercise and find it too slow, you may enjoy this.


-- Black toilet paper? Yeah, I'm not sure that it's an awesome idea either ...


-- Man caves: Too many here to list individually. Check out all 20 photos on


-- Crazy cars: Again, too many to list indivdually, but there are 50 worth viewing.



Crazy German Waterslide

This is a looping water slide. I'd like to know how fast these people are going because it looks crazy. The dialogue is in German, so don't expect to understand fully what they're saying, but it is fun to watch.



Handy animals

Artists have disguised a hand to look like an elephant, bird, eagle and tiger in these illusions. Take a close look and see how it's done.



Trick shot doctors

Watch a doctor toss a tongue depressors (two actually) into his assistant's mouth from about 5 feet away; watch him toss X-ray negatives and see them slip onto the light table with ease.


pecialty plates

Most "specialty" license plates are interesting. A basketball officiating friend of mine has a specialty plate that reads: "GR8CAL." But there are specialty plates that promote a cause, identity or group. includes a story titled "Why Are There Specialty License Plates for Quilters?" Not only will you find quilters, but you'll notice that in Mississippi, a specialty license plate is for a "professional hair designer." The site includes numerous other specialty plates.


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