Mark Froelich 5-16-12 - Your input is valuable; new features added to The Crescent-News Online

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Your feedback is always important and valuable.

Take for instance an email that arrived recently. One of our online readers was questioning why we didn't offer the Sunday comics section as part of our Sunday E-Edition package online.

"There are no comic pages, Parade or TV Guide -- which is an utter disappointment since, along with Jack's (Jack Palmer) column, are the best parts of the Sunday paper. What's a Sunday paper without Sunday funnies?"

And he was absolutely correct. So we worked quickly to improve our Sunday online newspaper. Beginning this Sunday, the TV Guide and Sunday comics pages are available on our website. The Parade magazine has a link located on the right side of our home page.

Whether we agree or disagree and whether it comes from an email or phone call, your input with The Crescent-News Online is always valuable, so please don't hesitate to let us know how we're doing, both positive and negative. Email:

Subscribers receive full-access

If you are a subscriber to the print edition of The Crescent-News, you also gain full access to our online edition for free. To do this, call The Crescent-News office at 419-784-5441, ext. 233, and provide one of our customer service representatives with your email address. We'll provide you with a temporary password and you can log in from there. Once you log in, you will have an opportunity to change your password by clicking on the "edit" word next to your name on the C-N homepage.

New and improved...

It's important for us to communicate with you often about our website. By you offering feedback and questions, and us communicating our online features with you, it's a perfect marriage, of sorts.

With that said, last week we rolled out several new features to our website. Here is a list of what's new for you to use:

-- Post your


We've added a new feature to our website. This allows you to post a photo, story or opinion, which will go under the online category of "Your Photos/News/Opinions." Already, we have four photos on this section.

This is a popular segment with many of our sister papers in the central and eastern part of Ohio. I'm a bit competitive by nature, so I'd like to see northwest Ohio surpass the amount of users they have on a daily basis.

This is your section, although it's not an advertising piece either. If you have a photo to share, submit it. If you have news to submit, share it. If you like the way city government is working these days, share your opinion.

To submit your photos, news and opinions, go to:

-- Submit a news tip

We receive news tips on occasion. Now, you can submit your news tip online. Go to the website below and fill in the information; we'll look into the situation from there.


-- Post an event

Our "Events" section on the homepage of The Crescent-News Online is rock-solid. But, there is definitely more room for events. With our recent new product release to our site, you now have the opportunity to post your events as well.


-- MegaMenu

Most of these links listed above can be found on what we call our "MegaMenu." At the top of The Crescent-News Online is a blue navigational bar with numerous links. If you scroll over these links, you will see the MegaMenu. Of note, please scroll over the "Links," "Services" and "News/Sports" on the navigational bar; on these subjects, you will likely find many of the links listed.

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