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We're interested in your feedback.

The Crescent-News has made some changes recently to our website. Some major cosmetic changes (like a new background photo of the red bud trees) have been mixed in with some minor tweaks (new categories). As we progress, we'd like to get your opinion about the site. By taking a short survey, your input will be used to help evaluate further design changes.

To take the survey, go to or visit

After taking the survey and you find that you have additional positive/negative comments or questions, please email me at and I'll answer your questions or comments.


A few weeks ago, I asked that you help The Crescent-News push its Facebook numbers over 2,000 people who "like" us. You've come through, as usual, as we now have 2,036 likes ... as we push toward 3,000. Honestly, we're holding our own with some of our sister papers ... but I'd like to be No. 1, of course.

With that said, I thought you might be interested in some user statistics about our Facebook page.

-- Of the 2,036 who "like" our Facebook page, 69 percent are females.

-- Our biggest group of those who "like" us are in the 35-44 age bracket. That is followed by the 25-34 age group. The 45-54 and 55+ age groups follow closely behind.

-- Of our 2,036 likes, 1,961 are from the United States. The next highest is Germany with 4. We also have one like from the following: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Argentina, Japan, Belize, Brazil and Jamaica.

-- A variety of cities are included from where these likes are coming from. Defiance, of course, has the most likes on our page, followed in order by Napoleon, Paulding, Bryan and Sherwood.

Our Facebook page generally consists of a variety of links to articles from our online edition, or breaking news. We'll also mix in a "Finish the sentence" question every once in a while for fun.

What do you want to see on The Crescent-News' Facebook page? Drop me an e-mail and let me know:


Time lapse baby

A Dutch filmmaker -- who is also a father of a 12-year-old -- has created a time-lapse video showing his daughter from a newborn to 12 years old. What makes it impressive is that it all fits into a nice, short 2 minutes, 35-seconds video.

As a father of two daughters about that same age, I'll admit that this video was a bit emotional for me: 1. Because I didn't think about doing this first; 2. Thinking about how fast time goes when you're a parent as your children grow up before your eyes. And at the end of his video, the dad has the phrase: "To be continued..." which was a great, touching end.

You'll find this video if you scroll down the screen on this story.



Let this be a warning to parents: Apparently, a new and dangerous trend is seeing teenagers getting drunk on hand sanitizer.


Caught on film

A girl talking on her cell phone took a big plunge when the pavement collapsed as she was walking on a street in northern China. A cab driver came to her rescue and the girl is doing fine now, but the video is quite a site.


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