Mark Froelich - QR codes can make life a little easier

Mark Froelich Published:

Did you see the funny-looking square boxes on this column below?

Those boxes are becoming more and more familiar to the public. They are Quick Response codes, or more commonly known as QR codes.

Think of QR codes as a bar code that you would find on the side of a product at the grocery store. When you arrive at the checkout counter, you scan the bar code and it reveals the price and indicates that you've purchased that item. Now you can place that item in your bag and be on your way.

QR codes can be used with your smartphone to access websites faster than typing them on a keypad.

First thing you need to do on your smartphone is download the free QR code from your app store. After launching this app, you will see a square scanning box on your phone. Pretend you are taking a picture of one of the square QR codes on this page and place that square on the phone over the square box of codes. You will see a series of blue dots floating around for a bit, then you will be directed to a screen that allows you to open the website that the square box is sending you.

The first QR code box below takes you to my Twitter page; the one on the right is my C-N Facebook page.

Wikipedia has a decent history lesson of QR codes on its page:

Southern lights

NASA has released images from space showing the Aurora Australis lighting up the southern sky with green curtains of light earlier this month. This video from Reuters shows the images.


New Earthquake

Recently, I decided to follow New Earthquake (@NewEarthquake) on Twitter and have been amazed how many quakes there are in the world on a weekly basis. This brings me back to the Earthweek site, which is a diary of the planet. This site informs you of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and many other disasters across the world.


Twitter: @Earthweek and @NewEarthquake


Live TV is always fun to watch when something doesn't go as planned. A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook and it's a hoot to watch. The TV newscasters are trying to read serious news stories, but weather icons randomly appear on the screen.


Take a look at some of these other TV flubs:

'Fire Destroyed by Home'

Read just below "Breaking News":


Yo-Yo ... oh, no!

A TV station invites a yo-yo expert on the screen, only to witness that he's not very good, or he's having an off day. To top it off, the "Yo-Yo-Master" says he's with Zip Zap Yo-Yos, but his shirt says "Zim Zam Yo-Yos."


If you want to see more of TV flubs, go to and type in TV news bloopers and you'll be greeted with a host of videos.

It's coming

A new Crescent-News website is on the way. The first week in October looks to be the week you'll notice the big change.

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