Let's go to Pontiac Park and watch the Grapevines Grow

Peg Miller Published:

This is the view of the confluence of the Maumee and Auglaize rivers, as viewed from one of the benches placed in the park for visitors to sit to admire the rivers.  The bank is all overgrown with weeds, brush, and small trees, and there are very few places where the river can even be seen without standing at the top of the steep incline leading down to the river.  The reason given for the unsightly, once beautiful park, is of course, a lack of funding for maintenance - anyone want to volunteer?

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  • Well,  surly it seems there is not enough money for anything any more.  Oh, except to keep the Salary's up to date.,   Maby these are the very One's that will volunteer and surprise all of us..  By the way,  Why again do we pay these folks?