Recent Promotion - Keller Logistics Group, Defiance

Julie Wanstedt, Director of Marketing, Keller Logistics Group Published:

Keller Logistics Group, headquarted in Defiance Ohio is pleased to announce that Aaron Keller has been promoted to Vice-president of Pricing, Leadership and Employee Development. Aaron has led the Management Training Program and is expanding his role to include Leadership and Employee Development.

The Supply Chain industry is experiencing an aging-in-place talent challenge as well as a shortage of young people entering into Supply Chain Management degree programs. However, Keller Logistics Group has developed a mutually beneficial intern program with Bowling Green State University’s Supply Chain Management department and has hosted several students as interns this summer.Keller Trucking, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group has increased staff dedicated to truck driver recruiting and retention. For example, the transportation industry standard for truck driver turnover is upwards of 99%. Keller Trucking prides itself on a driver turnover rate of only 54% - well below the industry average. Nonetheless, the industry as a whole is struggling to attract younger generations to the role of a professional driver. Therefore, out-of-the-box recruiting strategies and education are needed to generate interest once again in the significant role a professional driver plays in the global supply chain.

Aaron will still be involved in the business development of the company as Vice-president of Pricing as his sales management role is transitioned to the new Director of Sales. Aaron and his children, Alex 7 and Lela 6 reside in Defiance. Aaron is a graduate of Purdue University.

Most recently, Aaron received the 2013 “4 under 40” award from the Crescent News and the Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the award is to recognize four Defiance community members under the age of 40 who work, live, and/or volunteer in the city of Defiance. Nominees must be individuals who have shown outstanding leadership through business achievement or community service.

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