Obamas' gift to Camerons: grill, chef jackets


WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's time for David and Samantha Cameron to fire up the barbie again -- and not just any grill.

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have presented the British prime minister and his wife with a wood and charcoal burning grill engraved with American and British friendship flags. The grill came with his-and-her White House chef jackets embroidered with the Camerons' names.

The White House says the gifts commemorate the Obamas' May 2011 visit to London, when the Obamas and Camerons held a cookout for American and British members of the military.

Mrs. Obama also gave Mrs. Cameron a vase of White House honey. And the Cameron children got bean bag chairs embroidered with their names and the presidential seal. The Camerons are on an official visit to Washington.