SC city joins others in banning booze on the beach

BRUCE SMITH Associated Press Published:

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (AP) -- South Carolina's Folly Beach is one of the latest communities in the nation to ban alcohol on the shore.

Dr. Stephen Leatherman, known as "Dr. Beach" because of his annual ratings of the nation's best beaches, says that there are more beaches in the U.S. that ban alcohol than allow it.

He says such bans are generally implemented for two reasons. One is to prevent intoxicated beachgoers from getting out of hand. A second is to keep glass off the beach that can be dangerous to typically barefoot visitors.

Folly instituted a 60-day ban after a melee on the Fourth of July. Several law officers were injured, and seven people were arrested.

City residents are collecting petition signatures so voters can decide whether to make the ban permanent.