Boston-area travel bookstore gets new life

Associated Press Published:

BOSTON (AP) -- The Globe Corner travel bookstore, which closed its Harvard Square location last summer, is getting a second life with an independent bookseller in Brookline, a suburb of Boston.

Brookline Booksmith has opened a new "Globe Corner Travel Annex" at its Coolidge Corner location, adding the Globe Corner's trove of maps, books, accessories and other resources to its stock, with plans for future expansion in travel.

Brookline Booksmith is also taking over the website.

The Globe Corner Bookstore was founded in 1982 and was one of the largest travel specialty retailers in the U.S. It closed its brick-and-mortar store in Cambridge in July 2011, but continued to sell via its website.

Travel bookstores were at one time an important retail niche, but only a handful have survived the triple whammy of ubiquitous chain bookstores with large guidebook selections, the explosion of travel information on the Internet and easy online book ordering.

"As the Globe Corner celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is a great pleasure to pass on its legacy to an extraordinary local bookseller that is marking its 50th anniversary," said Globe Corner founder Patrick Carrier.