Suspects in dismembered Ohio woman case in court

BARBARA RODRIGUEZ Associated Press Published:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Authorities in Ohio are transferring three people from one county to another to face charges in connection with the death of a woman who police say was stabbed, suffocated and dismembered in her bathtub before some of her remains were dumped in Kentucky.

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Puccio, 26-year-old Andrew Forney and 25-year-old Kandis Forney are being transported Monday afternoon from Butler County to Champaign County, about 80 miles north. They are among five people arrested after the body of 21-year-old Jessica Rae Sacco was found Friday in her Urbana apartment.

Puccio, who lived with Sacco, is accused of killing her. Online jail records don't indicate whether any of the suspects have an attorney.

Two other suspects were arraigned earlier Monday in Champaign County on charges involving corpse abuse and evidence tampering.