Eager, excited to be Eagle, Kelly has work ahead

ROB MAADDI AP Pro Football Writer Published:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Now that Chip Kelly has settled into his new position, he has quite a challenge ahead.

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a 4-12 season, have won just 12 games over the past two years and need to rebuild almost from the ground up. There are some high-priced underachievers on this roster and a few players who quit on former coach Andy Reid.

But the biggest question Kelly faces is whether he can take all his success at Oregon and translate that into wins in the NFL.

"Football is football, and this is football at its highest level," he said. "But it's still a game and it's played 11 on 11. It's about putting together a great coaching staff, having a great organization behind you, and having great players. Ultimately, whether it's in high school football, college football or professional football, it's a personnel-driven operation."