Mavs back in Miami for 1st time since title win

TIM REYNOLDS AP Sports Writer Published:

MIAMI (AP) -- Both the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks say there's more to their game Thursday than revisiting NBA finals memories.

For Miami, there's concern over the finger LeBron James dislocated and popped back into place earlier this week, along with a two-game losing streak that left the Heat farther behind Chicago in the Eastern Conference.

For Dallas, there's a desire to keep climbing toward playoff form after losing 11 out of 18 in one recent stretch, plus a sense of wanting some payback after the Heat went into the Mavs' building to open this season and opened a 35-point lead.

It's Dallas' first time in Miami since winning last year's title. Even Mavs owner Mark Cuban says he's taking a businesslike approach to the trip, leaving his championship ring at home.