'Catmance?' Brewers' Morgan promotes pet adoption

CHRIS JENKINS AP Sports Writer Published:

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan is putting his offbeat sense of humor to work, encouraging fans to adopt pets from animal shelters in a new promotional campaign for PETA.

Morgan and Slick Willie, a playful gray cat he adopted from a shelter last year, posed for photographs and recorded a video on behalf of the animal rights advocacy group.

In a video message that is expected to be released on PETA's website Tuesday, Morgan says he quickly developed what he calls a "catmance" with Slick Willie. Morgan says that while he considers himself an "alpha-male silverback gorilla," he acknowledges he has "just a little soft side now."

Morgan has been prone to occasional emotional outbursts during his career, but he has won over Milwaukee fans with his trademark oddball remarks.