Forget hoops, NFL has March Madness

BARRY WILNER AP Pro Football Writer Published:

March Madness is all about the NFL this year.

From Peyton Manning in Denver to Tim Tebow in New York.

From Sean Payton getting suspended for New Orleans' bounty system to Saints players awaiting possible punishment for participating in it.

Not to mention the other big free agent signings. How did Mario Williams wind up in Buffalo? Answer: There's 100 million reasons.

How about Calvin Johnson's $132 million deal through 2019 with the Lions, merely the richest contract in NFL history, with Megatron getting $60 million guaranteed?

No matter what happens in the NCAA basketball tournament, with the Final Four in the Big Easy of all places, it can't top what the NFL has produced in March.

And that's with the draft, usually the focal point of the offseason, still a month away.